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New Ways of Urban Regeneration

Joris Iaccarino (Bepart, Milan) and Marta Klepo (IN PLACE, Zagreb) have focused their Tandem partnership on what they do best:...
Inga Gerner Nielsen at the Tandem Europe Final Meeting. Photo by Constanze Flamme

Theory meets Practice: Actions of Tribute to Zygmunt Bauman

In this essay, Tandem Europe participant Inga Gerner Nielsen brings us a powerful reflection on the Tandem project she has...
Ana of the Flames Maribor. Photo by Denis Zelnik.

One Street of Two Cultures

Maja Pegan (Slovenia) and Trevelyan Wright (U.K) have participated in our Tandem Europe programme, collaborating on ONE STREET, aiming to...
Julian Bootz

Julian Bootz

Meet Julian Bootz, Programme Officer Tandem Europe.
Photo by Constanze Flamme.

Methods in Action

Tandem Tools and Methods are used to facilitate and develop partnerships and collaborations in all Tandem Programmes. Through the Methods...
Honorary Hotel Group photo

Build Your Community!

The Honorary Hotel – a mobile toolkit for newcomers project by Tandem Europe participants Inga Gerner Nielsen (Performance- & Film...
Hotel Transit - Connecting Communities

Explore and Experience!

Hotel Transit: Homes on the Move by Matina Magkou (Ohi Pezoume NPO - UrbanDig Project - Athens, Greece) and Yanina...
Vicky and Fanni

If You Can, Visit Twice!

Through their collaboration Taking Our Place/Making Our Place Tandem Europe participants Fanni Nánay (Artopolis Association - Budapest, Hungary) and Vicky...

New partners for Tandem Europe II: Meet COMM'ON

We are very happy that we can count on the excellent co-creation and social innovation capacities of 4iS (Aveiro), COMM’ON...

ShipShape - A Voyage of Discovery

Tandem Europe participants Kate Strudwick (Llanhilleth, Wales) and Gabriele Sutera (Copenhagen) have worked together on ShipShape, a collaboration that brings...
Creating the Let's Culture Together Partner Canvas

Write to Accomplish!

The Tandem Europe participants behind Let’s Culture Together are Cristiana Olteanu (Biblioteca Judeteana Antim Ivireanul Valcea - Ramnicu Valcea, Romania)...

Don’t Fake it, Feel it!

Tandem Europe participants Elina Makri (Oikomedia - Athens, Greece) and Tabea Grzeszyk (Hostwriter - Berlin, Germany) have joined forces throughout...
Participants to the Tandem Europe Final Meeting. Photo by Constanze Flamme

Tandem Europe II: application closed

The application for Tandem Europe - Social Innovation is closed. The extended deadline for submitting the applications ended on 5...

The Tandem Approach to Social Innovation

The system is broken and rather than fixing it, we propose changing it.
Glass from NH Collectie

Turning Archaeological Data into Something Cool

Sara Gonizzi Barsanti and Lex Slaghuis have focused their Tandem collaboration on the possibilities of open data to share cultural...