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Challenging Dominant Narratives Through the Art of Getting Lost

Pau Cata (cerCCA, Barcelona) worked in Tandem with Ali Hussein Al Adawy (Gudran, Alexandria) on MIGRANTS, NOMADS, FLANEURS: The art...
Ana of the Flames Maribor. Photo by Denis Zelnik.

One Street of Two Cultures

Maja Pegan (Slovenia) and Trevelyan Wright (U.K) have participated in our Tandem Europe programme, collaborating on ONE STREET, aiming to...
Walking to meet villagers on the Turkish culture routes. Photo by Hüseyin Eryurt

Creating space for 'Creative Tourism'

Hüseyin Eryurt (Turkey) participated to Tandem Turkey in 2013-14, working with Dragos Lumpan (Romania) on a project that aimed to follow the route...
Tandem Network Meeting in Berlin (September 2016), Photo by Olga Zarko

Creative Talks/Cозидательные разговоры Tandem

Kristina Vegera joined the Tandem Network meeting in September 2016 where she observed a wide variety of conversations. She calls...
Eva & Pim 2


  • Pim Rose Restart vzw
  • Eva van Netten Welcome To The Village

Sound becoming Life

  • Mette Pilgaard Nielsen DSI Swinging Europe
  • Khrystyna Diakiv State Museum of Natural History National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Young Citizen Journalists Report on Mediterranean Climate Change.

Young Citizen Journalists Report on Mediterranean Climate Change.

  • Ines Touir association for development and alternative medias (ADAM)
  • Catherine Sabry Bokra Sawa
ShipShape Our Future


  • Gabriele Sutera Hawila Project
  • Kate Strudwick Head4Arts

Open Gallery Ukraine - the Netherlands: 1000 km view

  • Irina Leifer Open Art Route Zuidoost
  • Maria Lanko Curatorial collective - Lizaveta German & Maria Lanko


  • Natalia Eernstman Encounters Arts Initiative
  • Titia Bouwmeester 5ekwartier
Gardens on the edge

Gardens on the edge

  • Daniella Huszar KÉK, Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center
  • Ertuğrul Akgun TAKSAV Foundation

Cultural gardening - Fest4all

  • Zvada Milan Garden - Independent Culture Centre
  • Esin Demircioğlu GREEN YAYLA FESTIVAL