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For the Absent Ones. Photo by Khaled Barakeh

Parallel Crossings - A Collaborative Dialogue

Jon Davis is a Tandem Turkey alumni, he works as a Producer at LIFT in London. During Tandem, he worked...
Photo via Platform Harakat

North Africa Cultural Mobility Map and Platform HARAKAT

Pau Cata (cerCCA, Barcelona) worked in Tandem with Ali Hussein Al Adawy (Gudran, Alexandria) to reflect creatively on urban experiences...
Team Nomads & Flaneurs

Challenging Dominant Narratives Through the Art of Getting Lost

Pau Cata (cerCCA, Barcelona) worked in Tandem with Ali Hussein Al Adawy (Gudran, Alexandria) on MIGRANTS, NOMADS, FLANEURS: The art...
Photo by Olga Zarko

Colab Quarter: From Tandem to Creative Europe

Emmanuel Pidoux and Anna Dobrova met at the Tandem Ukraine 2016-17 Partner Forum, and despite not having been selected to...
Inga Gerner Nielsen at the Tandem Europe Final Meeting. Photo by Constanze Flamme

Theory meets Practice: Actions of Tribute to Zygmunt Bauman

In this essay, Tandem Europe participant Inga Gerner Nielsen brings us a powerful reflection on the Tandem project she has...

Mapping a Trace: a Diary Correspondence

'Mapping a Trace' is a diary correspondence between writer Apostolis Artinos and cultural manager, artist and Tandem participant Photini Papahatzi,...
Choosed Foto

Food for Open Borders

  • Stéphane Robert CRICAO
  • Hala Khankan Kırkayak Kültür

Vrolijkheid CAN Co-Create

  • Tom Saal Stichting de Vrolijkheid
  • Sara Domville Community Arts North West (CAN)
Liesbeth & Katja 2

Community Music / Community building through music

  • Katja Scheer Stiftung Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg
  • Liesbeth Eshuis SKVR
Shores - Stories from Across the Sea

Shores - Stories from Across the Sea

  • Flore Thoreau La Salle Africa e Mediterraneo
  • Asma Kaouech Fanni Raghman Anni
THE FLOOD: Gilgamesh and the quest of immortality

THE FLOOD: Gilgamesh and the quest of immortality

  • Lola Dobrila Joksimovic Center for Cultural Decontamination
  • Junaid Sarieddeen Zoukak Theatre Company and Cultural Association

Intercultural theatre training and collaborative production project

  • Tom Finlay Terra Nova Productions
  • AbdelSamee Abdallah Sailors For Arts

Hotel Transit: Homes on the move

  • Matina Magkou Ohi Pezoume NPO - UrbanDig Project
  • Yanina Taneva Ideas Factory Association
The Honorary Hotel

The Honorary Hotel – a mobile toolkit for newcomers

  • Inga Gerner Nielsen Performance- & Film Production in Vendsyssel
  • Ariane Jedlitschka Helden wider Willen e.V.