Gardens on the edge

Gardens on the edge

The project aimed to document and compare different urban agricultural fields from Istanbul, Budapest, Beirut, and Athens. Activists from Leonardo Community Garden, Boutros Orchards, Eliniko Gardens, and Save Beirut Heritage have met for a joint workshop in Istanbul on August 28-September 1, 2014. During the workshop, they shared their experiences on agricultural traditions and techniques. At the end of the workshop, films documenting the endangered urban agricultural fields have been produced. The project’s website serves as a platform that aims to connect civil society initiatives across Europe and the Middle-East dedicated to the preservation of urban green infrastructure and horticultural heritage. The website presents a number of case studies about communities from different geographic and cultural contexts, who are thriving to defend urban green areas from century old domestic gardens to hundreds of hectares of urban forests. Project website: .
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Daniella Huszar 

KÉK, Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center 

Budapest, Hungary 

Ertuğrul Akgun 

TAKSAV Foundation

Istanbul, Turkey

The connection

"Gardens on the edge": a connection between Budapest (Hungary ) & Istanbul (Turkey)