The Team

Previous Tandem programmes have been implemented by a bunch of wonderful people. The overall Tandem work has influenced and shaped the structure and spirit, fundamentals of our new organisation - zusa gGmbH. Get to know more about our current work by visiting our new website - Do you have a question about the previous Tandem programme? Read the many stories of the people making Tandem happen and get in touch. Not sure who to contact? Drop us a line on our general e-mail, one of us will get back to you.

Mersin, Turkey - Photo by Emrah Gökdemir (Tandem Turkey 2011-12 Alumnus)

Serra Özhan

Meet Serra, Programme Advisor for the Turkey programmes
@ Boultek in Casablanca. Photo by Ines Hammami Touir‎

Jotham Sietsma

Meet Jotham, Progamme Manager for Tandem.
Photo by Olha Zarko

Sarah Herke

Meet Sarah, Programme Manager of Tandem.
Silvana, photo by Constanze Flamme

Silvana Naguib

Meet Silvana, Project Manager for Tandem

Olha Kotska

Meet Olha, Knowledge Manager for Tandem 360°.
Tandem 360° Partner Forum 2020, Berlin - photo by Constanze Flamme

Egle Kryzanauskaite

Meet Egle, Project Officer for Tandem 360°.

Şengül Ertürk

Meet Sengül, Finance Coordinator of Tandem.