Sea of people, Drawing by Erica Brisson 2015
Sea of people, Drawing by Erica Brisson 2015

How does it work?

What happens once you're selected as a Tandem participant? Learn more about how partnerships take shape within the programme.

Within each Tandem programme, participants form cross-national partnerships of two, aka tandems. These Tandem partners organise working visits to each others’ cities or regions and develop a joint pilot project which serves as a space for mutual learning and engagement.

Throughout the year, participants meet for networking, workshops and peer-to-peer exchange. At the end of the project there is a final presentation and the opportunity to connect with the growing Tandem network.

The programme acts on different levels, offering professional development to individuals, as well as supporting organisational change processes and creating a space to experiment with innovative ideas.

Finding common ground

Partners may come from diverse cultures and situations, but their common interest in culture and social change allows connections to be created. As they work together, the familiar is continually remade, assumptions questioned and discoveries made. The process helps everyone involved see what they do afresh and review established ideas and habits.

A room full of people. Illustration ©Erica Brisson

Is Tandem for me?

Are you thinking of applying for Tandem? Find out about what we look for in a Tandem participant.

The Tandem Programme Step by Step

Read more about how Tandem works following the timeline of activities.
Circle Dance. Illustration ©Erica Brisson

Why Tandem?

Tandem is a cultural collaboration programme that strengthens civil society in Europe and neighbouring regions.