01_Library Connects People

Library Connects People

With the project we aim to: - experiment with different ways to engage people in a creative workshop/activity and in the life of the library; - rethink the role of the library that can also be a safe space for marginalized people; - bring new topics and programs to the library; - make citizens aware that their needs can form the program of the library; - make experiments on how artists can collaborate with marginalized groups; - build new partnerships that can last longer than the project; - create good practices that can be an example and encourage other libraries to think about their roles and positions.
  1. Cross-Sector
  2. Diversity
  3. Education
  4. Participation & Active citizenship
  5. Budapest
  6. Kyiv
  7. Uzhhorod
  8. Education
  9. Heritage
  10. Literature
  11. Public Space

Yevheniia Napuda

Department of Culture of Transcarpathian Region

Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Kinga Lendeczki

Studio of Young Artists' Association (SYAA)

Budapest, Hungary

The connection

"Library Connects People": a connection between Uzhhorod (Ukraine) & Budapest (Hungary) & Kyiv (Ukraine)