¡Resisting the news! Video-activism Workshop

¡Resisting the news! Video Activism Workshop gathered young video artists invited from Germany, Egypt and Turkey together at Ankara. During the workshop aiming to interpret and question the civil disobedience actions in the world, images taken for various purposes and in different formats have been watched and discussed. After this, the participants mounted the images they have and created their own films/videos. Missing Out (Asli Özarslan) and Interval (Tennuz Bas, Bilge Demirtas) among the videos created in the workshop have attended to ECF Doc Next Network’s Radical Democracy Video Challenge. Supporting Organizations: Goethe Institute Ankara, Berlistanbul #25 Underground Festival, Klunkerkranich Berlin.
  1. Democracy & Open society
  2. Freedom of expression
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  4. Berlin
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Barbara Glieden

Moviemiento e.V.

Berlin, Germany 

Ezgi Yalınalp

Puruli Culture & Art

Ankara, Turkey

The connection

"¡Resisting the news! Video-activism Workshop": a connection between Berlin (Germany ) & Ankara (Turkey)