European Cultural Foundation

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) initiates and supports cultural exchange and creative expression as drivers of social innovation and democratic renewal across wider Europe. Together with MitOst, ECF has started Tandem in 2011.

About European Cultural Foundation

Based in Amsterdam and operating across Europe since 1954, the European Cultural Foundation strives towards an open, democratic and inclusive Europe in which culture is a valued and key contributor. ECF supports civil society through grants, awards & partnerships and advocates for the role of culture in community development on national and European levels. ECF engages in cross-sectoral networks, research and publications and dialogue on- & off-line. ECF convenes cultural change-makers from across Europe, seeding and supporting local change and social innovation with a particular focus on commoning and participatory practices.

Together with MitOst, ECF has launched the Tandem programme in 2011. The programme was developed as part of ECF’s European Neighbourhood programme, which has been active in capacity building, knowledge exchange and cultural policy development throughout wider Europe for the last 15 years.

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