Monica Tranchych

Meet Monica, Project Manager of Tandem Ukraine.

I’m Monica and I love the ocean or anything that has to do with it. In one of my futures, I will probably finally learn how to surf. For now, I’m busy surfing every day with dozens of questions per conversation and about a thousand per person. I appreciate questions.

It’s my joy to explore systems and the way they can change. Theory and practices behind them, are one of my current truths and a guiding light in most of the processes that I have the honor to embrace.
I love the concept of poetry more than the poems themselves. Perhaps this only proves the above-mentioned fascination?

The first time I encountered Tandem was while working in another department in MitOst. When I stayed at work late and the office got empty, I would sneak into the Tandem room and work from there. I thought the whole set up was so inspiring, including the picture of the programme participants, and posters of their actions around. It was not until I actually transitioned into the Tandem team that my friend reminded me about how I would mention sometimes that in one of my futures I will probably work with these people.

Tandem is people, about people, relationships between them – collaboration. Justice and equity are something I’m eager to see. I strongly believe that it’s only through collaborating that we can come closer to the world full of it. Process beyond outcome; redefining success: stronger in one’s identity vs. bigger or wider or higher in numbers; understanding the role one is ready to take on and choosing to work together vs. competing.

Tandem is the place to explore these concepts, learn them, and put them into practice. I can’t not be a part of it.

  • Monica Tranchych
  • Project Manager Tandem Ukraine at MitOst