Silvana, photo by Constanze Flamme
Silvana, photo by Constanze Flamme

Silvana Naguib

Meet Silvana, Project Manager for Tandem

By the end of 2011, I realized that I belong to the non-profit world, after years of working in the corporate sector. I started looking for a different path for myself to contribute to civil society as my full-time occupation and not only volunteering.
This path started in Egypt in 2012, then I moved to Berlin in 2017 where I became a part of the Tandem team. I joined the Tandem team for Tandem Shaml programme, then I also worked with Tandem Europe. Currently, I am supporting Tandem 360° programme as well as the All-Around culture programme.

My first encounter with Tandem was in 2012 – I was still trying to get a deeper insight into why Tandem is something I would be part of for years.
The format was different, very inspiring, and impressive. Gathering people, working on collaborations, building all kinds of ideas, exchanging and sharing. That was all amazing, yet there was this moment when someone shared that such a feeling of solidarity gave him the strength to continue working and that it really mattered. I remember vividly this specific moment, as I realized why this programme matters for me. Since then many more moments like that followed, which always renew and reaffirm my belief in simple and small gestures that can make the world a better place. And it always starts from the individuals!

  • Silvana Naguib
  • Project Officer Tandem at MitOst