Post card. Designed by Erica Brisson.
Post card. Designed by Erica Brisson.

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About the Tandem Postcard

Do you want to know when a new Tandem open call is out? Read resources on how to work on collaborations? or to learn about members of the Tandem Family?

We will share useful information and inspiring stories through our newsletter (we called it the Tandem postcard!) – it will be a bit longer than a postcard but filled with things we think you will like to know about.

We are planning to send four to six postcards a year and we promise we will never spam you!

Previous postcards

The first issue of the Tandem Postcard was sent on 22 June.

The second issue of the Tandem Postcard was sent on 15 September.

The Winter 2018 issue was sent on 11 January.

The Spring 2018 issue was sent on 21 March 2018.


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