Windows into Protest

Windows into Protest is a project emerging from our network. It was presented during the official Maidan Memorial Day programme in Kiev. It was started in partnership with three countries where protest in many different forms has been taking place: Ukraine, Turkey and the UK.

The protests of Gezi Park (Istanbul), Maidan Square (Kiev) and Brixton Square (London) were pointed out in the project containing three digital “windows”. You can watch three documentary films online on the project’s website:

Gezi Park (10:06)
Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square (57:58)
Windrush Square (10:09)

Three public squares were chosen in the main cities of these three countries. All of these public spaces have significant histories as well as present-day relevance to their urban populations.

Although the types of protest and what people are protesting about, seems on the surface, very different, there are common themes to be found, particularly how urban populations feel disenfranchised from their local authorities and government.

The project was developed and produced by Kettle Partnership, a social enterprise company based in London. The partner organisations who produced their own films are:

Grizzine: an internet platform specialising in arts & culture, based in Istanbul

Ivan Honchar Museum: the Ukrainian National Folklore Museum, based in Kiev

This network project is implemented by the alumni of Tandem Ukraine & Tandem Turkey: ‎kettlepartners (London, a Tandem Ukraine-EU-Moldova 2011-2012 participant), Ivan Honchar Museum (Kyiv, a Tandem Ukraine-EU-Moldova 2011-2012 participant) and Grizine (Istanbul, a Tandem Turkey 2013-2014 participant).