12 Edi & Michaela

Bashkë: let’s create our spaces!

The word Bashkë means “together” in Albanian and perfectly explains the core of our project aimed at building communities together...how? Through culture! We want to exchange know-how to foster community participation in living their own historic centre by using public spaces differently, highlighting what really makes our community: people! We want to empower locals, trying to grow a resilient community able to use regenerated spaces at their fullest. We want to learning new methodologies and creating new tools. The project will gather artists, artisans and architects in Gjirokastra through the Bashkë Art Camp. During the camp will work closely with the local community in order to co-built an artistic project with selected artisans and craft masters from Gijrokastra. The artistic project will be presented during the National Fair of Crafts and Heritage 2018 in Gijrokastra.
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  1. Community development
  2. Cross-sector collaboration
  3. Participation & Active citizenship
  4. Gjirokastra
  5. Torino
  6. Architecture
  7. Community arts
  8. Design
  9. Festival
  10. Heritage
  11. Land art
  12. Multidisciplinarity
  13. Public Space
  14. Artist in Residence
  15. Audiovisual documentation
  16. Co-creation
  17. Competition
  18. Mapping
  19. Workshop

Michela Garau

Rete delle Case del Quartiere

Torino, Italy

Edvin Lamce

Gjirokastra Foundation

Gjirokastra, Albania

Established since 2001, The Gjirokastra Foundation (GCDO) is a non–governmental and non-profitable organization, which has as its mission the preservation and development of the cultural heritage as an inexorable precious source of social and economic development in Gjirokastra and beyond.


The connection

"Bashkë: let's create our spaces!": a connection between Torino (Italy) & Gjirokastra (Albania)