Bildits Andalow

Students aged between 10 and 18 years old will participate in a workshop to learn and build Tunisian houses, using the Bildits Kit, representing the folklore and the old architectural designs of Tunis. After that, those houses will be displayed in the municipality for the whole town to see.
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Sayma Ben Youssef

Association tunisienne festival de fromage et promotion de patrimoine

Beja, Tunisia

Association "Festival of Cheeses and Heritage Promotion" is an association for social and cultural development. The main mission of the organization is to promote sustainable development in the region through the promotion of the value chain of the typical products of the region. We seek the protection of the regional resources of the country, safeguarding of the regional traditions and knowledge and ensuring their transmission to future generations, encouragement of active participation in the field of social work and self-employment.

Rawad Fakhry


Sahel Aalma, Lebanon

Bildits is a kit for kids of different age groups: (6+; 8+ & 10+), that introduces the user to the real process of construction where they will build their own house with their own hands. The kids will be constructing steel structures, installing formwork, pouring cement, building masonry walls, painting, and more. A 100% replica of the real construction process! Bildits is an educational tool that is currently used in several schools in Lebanon and our vision is to revolutionize the educational system by integrating learning through experimentation rather than just theoretical learning.

The connection

"Bildits Andalow": a connection between Beja (Tunisia) & Sahel Aalma (Lebanon)