03 Lorenza & Aida

Collaboratory Mantova-Sarajevo: Introducing Multifactory to Bosnia and Herzegovina

With this project Akcija Sarajevo aims to introduce in public and professional discourse of Bosnia and Herzegovina a concept of “multifactory”, a new collaborative model of work in the field of culture, relying on extensive research material and a actual experiences of R84 form Mantova.
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  1. Creative economy
  2. Employability
  3. New Business Models
  4. Organisational development
  5. Urban development
  6. Mantova
  7. Sarajevo
  8. Education
  9. Media
  10. Public Space
  11. Interview
  12. Research
  13. Strategic planning
  14. Workshop
  15. New business & management models
  16. Publication

Lorenza Salati

R84 associazione

Mantova, Italy

R84 Multifactory covers an area of 7000 squares mt, consisting of green spaces and six buildings, formerly used by the workers of the refinery. These spaces are now offices, studios and laboratories by around 40 professionals, craftspeople, artists and small entrepreneurs. These organisations, all togheter, form the r84 Association that runs the multifactory


Aida Kalender

AKCIJA Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzigovina

The connection

"Collaboratory Mantova-Sarajevo: Introducing Multifactory to Bosnia and Herzegovina": a connection between Mantova (Italy) & Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzigovina)