Create culture together

Cultural managers networking program whici provides an opportunity for Belarusian and Ukrainian cultural managers and artists to establish partnership for international and interdisciplinary collaboration. Belarusian cultural managers after their 4-days networking visit GalitsiaKult Forum in Kharkiv, invite Ukrainian cultural managers to Minsk for further dialog and public presentations.
  1. Community development
  2. Cross-sector collaboration
  3. cultural exchange
  4. Organisational development
  5. Kyiv
  6. Minsk
  7. Community arts
  8. Education
  9. film
  10. Heritage
  11. Literature
  12. Music
  13. theater
  14. Visual art
  15. Co-creation
  16. Knowledge exchange
  17. Performance
  18. Public intervention
  19. Concert

Nadzeya Ilkevich

Centre for Cultural Management "Gefira"

Minsk, Belarus

Centre for Cultural Management and Nadzeya Ilkevich are aimed to create opportunities for cultural managers from Belarus and to produce own projects as community developing projects, festivals, short films and feature movies.

Lidiіa Sazanova

Charity Foundation “The Depths of Art”

Kyiv, Ukraine

The long-term goal of the organization, which is developing a serie of socio-cultural forums, lies in rapprochement of culturally divided regions of Ukraine through the enhancement of local and interregional cooperation between people and institutions, cooperation and mutual exchange of cultural initiatives with the EU and neighboring countries.

The connection

"Create culture together": a connection between Minsk (Belarus) & Kyiv (Ukraine)

The process