Cultural Revitalization of the first Albanian School in Ferizaj

Our project has two main goals: The revitalization and reuse of endangered Cultural Heritage buildings and creating Cultural and Social hubs for communities that lack one. This intervention will impact the cities urban development, the mindset of people about the importance of heritage and the artistic & creative community
  1. Community development
  2. Cultural Artistic development
  3. Sustainability
  4. Urban development
  5. Fushë Kosovë
  6. Tirana
  7. Architecture
  8. Community arts
  9. Culture
  10. Heritage

Renis Batalli

Destil Tirana

Tirana , Albania

Fortunë Haziri

Foundation for Cultural Heritage Thana

Fushë Kosovë, Kosovo

The connection

"Cultural Revitalization of the first Albanian School in Ferizaj": a connection between Tirana (Albania) & Fushë Kosovë (Kosovo)