Demolishing Denocrates

Demolishing Denocrates

The project unfolded around the city of Alexandria in relation to its Greek element as a vigorous aspect of its cosmopolitan past.Through a multidisciplinary, experimental documentary approach, the project investigated the traces of the Greek presence, as they are/were reflected not only on the urban surfaces of the city, but mainly on the lives, everyday practices, motifs, rituals and exchanges of its inhabitants as the (in) tangible transmitters of a hybrid urban identity. At the same time, the project attempted a critical approach on the composite dismantling of a multicultural heritage and how it gradually faded under the weight of nationalistic convictions and successive economic recess.
  1. Heritage & Memory
  2. Identity
  3. Tourism
  4. Alexandria
  5. Athens

Martha Bouziouri


Athens, Greece

Abdalla Sharkas

The connection

"Demolishing Denocrates": a connection between Athens (Greece) & Alexandria (Egypt)