Fest of Future Villages

The idea of the collaboration project is to organize 7-day festival-camp in one of the abandoned villages of Kazbegi Municipality, Georgia. The name of the village is -UKHATI. We plan to gather architects, urbanists, artists (different fields) and locals, in one village and around one idea – to make abandoned village livable again. But we also understand, that making almost destroyed village livable, needs a lot of time and money, and it’s impossible to solve all the problems with one project, so what we decided is to do it step-by-step. And first step is this project, which aims to encourage participants create vision-based planes for development of UKHATI. Around 25-30 participants, from Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova (Tandem partner countries) will be divided into max.6 groups, and project team will facilitate process. Teams will be provided with necessary materials (according to their needs), and also knowledge about history of the village and region (how village was living and was involved in life of Kazbegi region) and will be given freedom do be as creative as possible and be based on reality and needs of the region, in order to create realistic vision-based plans. As we already spoke with local landlord and municipality, we have also permission to do art interventions in village, which give as an outcome of the project, not only visions, but also art-interventions according to the visions of the teams. In order to support, creative processes during the project, we will provide different (appropriate) lectures, workshops, seminars and activities that will create smooth and friendly atmosphere on the spot As abandoned villages are in Moldova and Ukraine, and migration from rural areas is common problem for three countries, we are thinking, that this project can become role model and complex of the tools, for participatory based rural planning, that can create visions for villages in order to make them livable again, in 21 century.
  1. Heritage & Memory
  2. Rural development
  3. Sustainability
  4. Tourism
  5. Chisinau
  6. Kropevnitsky
  7. Rustavi
  8. Architecture
  9. Design
  10. Education
  11. Festival

Levan Khutsishvili


Rustavi, Georgia

Tetiana Nazarenko

Pervozvanivska OTH

Kyiv, Ukraine

Iana Sericova

Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau KSA:K

Chisinau, Moldova

Elena Ciochina

"Alexandru Plămădeală" College of Fine Arts

Chisinau, Moldova

The connection

"Fest of Future Villages": a connection between Rustavi (Georgia) & Kyiv (Ukraine) & Chisinau (Moldova) & Chisinau (Moldova)

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