Folklore Bridges

A cross-cultural music-residency, uniting traditional musicians from Wadi Rum-Jordan and Nuba-Egypt. The program aims for equal chance cultural exchange, where musicians can cocreate folklore fusions to be shared in a concert while forming new musical friendships beyond borders - all captured in a documentary film for heritage preservation.
  1. Community development
  2. Cross-sector collaboration
  3. Organizational Developmen
  4. Film & Cinema
  5. Heritage
  6. Music

Motaz Sobhy

6 BAB SHARQ Art & Cultural Space

Alexandria, Egypt

6 Bab Sharq is a cultural and art space that aims to support the young emerging artist in Alexandria through educational laps, workshops, and programs and new forms of cooperation among civil society actors to strengthen civil structures will be put to the test. The project also specifically promotes unknown talents and thus creates a unique platform for young artists in Alexandria, thereby responding to the problem of the emigration of young artists.

Mirna Nizar

Abrez Music

Amman, Jordan

Abrez Music provides music marketing services, career development services for independent musicians, devoted social media platforms that feature music-scene highlights, and promotion services for various music festivals and initiatives, contributing to the support system of independent music habitats. The portfolio includes specialized marketing consultancies to musicians, marketing support to various music initiatives, and many ongoing complementary features of local music achievements on Abrez Music social media. Abrez Music is run by its founder, Mirna, and a network of supporters and freelancers in the music industry.

The connection

"Folklore Bridges": a connection between Alexandria (Egypt) & Amman (Jordan)

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