Garage music – park your music anywhere!

Garage music - park your music anywhere! is joint project of Mikser Association (Belgrade, Serbia) and MedeArts (Irbid, Jordan) organisations. It is dedicated to promoting music as universal language and a tool for intercultural exchange, with a mission to raise capacities of both organizations and their networks.
  1. Community development
  2. Diversity
  3. Intercultural exchange
  4. New Business Models
  5. Belgrade
  6. Irbid
  7. Architecture
  8. Education
  9. Music
  10. Youth

Amjad Al-Mestarihy


Irbid, Jordan

Snezana Curuvija

Mikser Association

Belgrade, Serbia

The connection

"Garage music - park your music anywhere!": a connection between Irbid (Jordan) & Belgrade (Serbia)