Maria and Ala

HuG (Humanitarian Graphics)

HuG (Humanitarian Graphics) is a contemporary, cross-cultural, trilingual, digital platform hosting graphic narratives, podcasts and articles of women stories living in refugee camps in Palestine & Greece, along with an open blog, welcoming and promoting diverse opinions in three languages. We embrace diversity, gender equality, freedom of expression and integration. If they had the chance to be the authors of their own stories which parts would they choose to share with the world? What kind of challenges do they have? What are their dreams and ambitions? Will they ever feel fully integrated? Will they ever have equal opportunities? Do their stories have something in common? Can women all over the world relate to them?
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  1. Diversity
  2. Education
  3. Education (formal & non-formal)
  4. Empowerment
  5. Freedom of expression
  6. Gender & Sexuality
  7. Migration/refugees
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  9. Ramallah
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  15. Multidisciplinarity
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Maria Tetradi

The Language Project

Athens, Greece

Ala' Hamamreh

Shaghaf for digital expression

Ramallah, Palestine

The connection

"HuG (Humanitarian Graphics)": a connection between Athens (Greece) & Ramallah (Palestine)