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Sharing our passion

Afifa Elsin from Lebanese International for Training and Development (LITD), Lebanon, shares thoughts on her Tandem project "Tourism Ambassador". Afifa...
Maria and Ala

HuG (Humanitarian Graphics)

  • Maria Tetradi The Language Project
  • Ala' Hamamreh Shaghaf for digital expression
Shores - Stories from Across the Sea

Shores - Stories from Across the Sea

  • Flore Thoreau La Salle Africa e Mediterraneo
  • Asma Kaouech Fanni Raghman Anni

Artdrome- Literature and more

  • Paulina Maloy Rita Baum Association
  • Agnieszka Cwielag Rita Baum Association
  • Iryna Lepska Publishers Forum
  • Ewa Hubar To.pole Association
  • Yaroslav Minkin STAN Literature Club