Inside Out

The project has invited artists that have been working with the subject, Public Space, aiming to bring the «in- side» «out». Places will be opened up for a different perspective and a different or heightened reading of its narrative. Inside Out moves between and through disciplines. The work can manifest itself live and with re- corded performance; video, installation and written texts/theories. The project is thought of as a series of collaborations resulting in works across various countries and artistic disciplines. The project takes place over days ,as a site-specific work that examines «dynamic cultural heritage as an everyday experience». The aim is to investigate and explore the different influential and participatory rotes of the public in the work and the process itself. The first edition of this project has taken place at the Scientific Library of Lviv National Ivan Franko University between 15 February - 22 February 2012.
  1. The commons
  2. Lviv
  3. Värmdö
  4. Dance
  5. Performance
  6. Public Space
  7. Audiovisual documentation
  8. Video (process documentary)

Sybrig Dokter


Värmdö, Sweden

Roman Hankevych

Dzyga Art Association

Lviv, Ukraine

The connection

"Inside Out": a connection between Värmdö (Sweden) & Lviv (Ukraine)