Tandem Moldova 2012 Festival (7)
Tandem European Cultural Festival in Chisinau 2012

Tandem Moldova-Ukraine-EU 2011-12

The first Tandem scheme was launched in 2011-2012 and fostered cultural cooperation between the EU, Ukraine and Moldova. In May 2012 this first Tandem was completed by the final presentation, the European Cultural Festival where the Tandem cooperations transformed the abandoned part of an old museum into a temporary vibrant place of arts and culture in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

Follow two Tandems

Over the course of a year, cultural managers from different countries developed innovative, cross-border creative projects together. The video shows two Tandem stories.

Tatiana Popa and Silvana de Hillerin are bringing together tratdiational textile artists from rural Moldova with contemporary fashion designers from Berlin. They organised a series of fashion design workshops. The results of their project „Eclectic Line“ was presented at the Berlin Fashion Week in July 2012.

Yaroslav Minkin and Ewa Hubar co-created the first Ukrainian language original comic book, based on the award winning novel by Serhiy Zhadan about life in the post-Soviet era. The comic book inspired a festival in Luhansk with performances, street art and workshops by artists from both contries, Poland and Ukraine.

How to work in a Tandem – learning and failing together

Throughout the year, participants meet for networking, workshops and peer-to-peer exchange. Follow the Tandems to Brussels where they prepared for their placements. The placements are key in the Tandem programme. Participants receive a grant to spend a working visit that they have planned at their partner’s organisation.

Tandem European Culture Festival in Chisinau, Moldova 2012

Transforming the abandoned part of an old museum into a temporary vibrant place of arts and culture. The final event in Chisinau in May 2012.

The European Cultural Festival completed the Tandem project in May 2012 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. For the final presentation nearly 50 artists and cultural managers from over 30 cities across Europe travelled to Chisinau to put on their project.

Some Tandems were hot-footing it from Kiev, from an event at the Ivan Honchar Museum in Kiev during Museum Night. Alongside local audiences and politicians from Moldova, visitor’s young and old marvelled in vibrant street theatre, strange and beautiful video installations, edgy films, collaborative visual art exhibitions, music performances, theatre presentations and even a fashion show. It was a scene unique for many and brought together people from all over Europe.

Tandem Moldova 2012 Festival (2)
Tandem Moldova 2012 Festival (2)
Tandem European Cultural Festival in Chisinau 2012