Within the frame of the TANDEM project [in]VISIBLE, Roșa Collective (Chernivtsi, UA), 54°+ (Kaunas, LT) and CADAM. (Munich, GER) team up urban activists in the city of Chernivtsi (Ukraine) by simulating a future platform for their collaboration in the alternative scene. As this emerging community lacks a common place to mediate and act, the project attempts to map and appropriate abandoned urban places and to initiate collaborative pop-up actions and interventions on-site. A process diary documents the kick-off activities and serve both as a case study and as a toolbox for follow-up initiatives. More information is available here.
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  1. Civic rights & Activism
  2. Urban development
  3. Chernivtsi
  4. Kaunas
  5. Dance
  6. Performance
  7. Toolkit

Juliane Rahn


Munich, Germany

Kotryna Valiukeviciute

Laboratory of socio-spatial experimentation 54°+

Kaunas, Lithuania

Nataliia Yeromenko

Roșa Collective

Chernivtsi, Ukraine

The connection

"[IN]VISIBLE": a connection between Munich (Germany) & Kaunas (Lithuania) & Chernivtsi (Ukraine)