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Sister’s Lab: Empowering Girls through Art, Science & Technology

Tandem Turkey participants Gülcan Kılıç and Simon Gmajner have worked together on Sister's Lab, a project of international exchange of...

Call for artists: Audio and Visual Workshop in Italy

Tandem Europe participant RAIZVANGUARDA - Associação Cultural has an Open Call for sound art, audio, and video artists to come...

New Ways of Urban Regeneration

Joris Iaccarino (Bepart, Milan) and Marta Klepo (IN PLACE, Zagreb) have focused their Tandem partnership on what they do best:...
Workshops in Romania

New Themes, New Target Group for "Let's Culture Together"

Throughout their Tandem Europe partnership, Cristiana Olteanu and Pierluigi Vaccaneo have worked on Let's Culture Together, in which they combine...
Tandem Network Meeting in Berlin (September 2016), Photo by Olga Zarko

Creative Talks/Cозидательные разговоры Tandem

Kristina Vegera joined the Tandem Network meeting in September 2016 where she observed a wide variety of conversations. She calls...
Call for artist

CALL FOR (AR)TIST – Augmented Reality Workshop

You can apply now for this workshop that expands the concept of urban art through augmented reality by encouraging the...
Future Heritage

Future Heritage

  • Jasmin Grimm Public Art Lab
  • Sally Abu Bakr Ramallah Municipality
Survival Kit for Virtual Reality team planning the year - by Laura Werling

Survival Kit for Virtual Reality

  • Emöke Bada Igor Metropol Kulturális Egyesület
  • Ievgeniia Dulko ART Optimists
  • Katarína Gatialová Truc sphérique
  • Andrii Linik Center for Urban History of East Central Europe
Technomania Banner

Technomania: Opening up New Technologies

  • Ruth Timmermans Gonzo (circus)
  • Mert Akbal Academy of Fine Arts Saarbrücken Experimental Media Lab
  • Saliha Yavuz GriZine

InterLAB: Cairo-Dresden

  • Joanna Szlauderbach Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau
  • Diyaa Hamed Medrar for Contemporary Art

Weddings Without Bridegrooms

  • Nesrin TANÇ PYP Mediaproduction - Medienbunker Marxloh
  • Mesut ALP Mardin Sinema Derneği

bass_transition 2012

  • Viesta Gunchenko Tochka Sborki
  • Tobias Käppler Kultur Aktiv

A.P.P.I.A. Workshop

  • Thomas Dumke Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau
  • Juliia Ovcharenko Kvartira Art Center