Like at Home

An artistic and social project aiming to research and compare interior design of private and semi-private spaces of two cities — Chernivtsi (UA) and Liepaja (LV). Premises such as private homes, cultural and educational institutions, diverse working environments (e.g. municipality offices, cafes, hairdressers, etc), which are furnished and arranged by the users themselfs will be photographed and collected for an art book.
  1. Global & Local
  2. Organisational development
  3. Participation & Active citizenship
  4. Chernivtsi
  5. Liepaja
  6. Community arts
  7. Design
  8. Photography
  9. Public Space

Iaroslav Pobezhan


Chernivtsi, Ukraine

The connection

"Like at Home": a connection between Liepaja (Latvija) & Chernivtsi (Ukraine)