Makanuna: Re-thinking Spaces from a Youth Perspective

Architects for change and Athar Lina are tandeming together to create a community-driven program based on a set of processes that will take place in two historic areas. The project aims to promulgate urban rights among youth by highlighting the value of social spaces through placemaking and place-based participatory intervention.
  1. Community development
  2. Participation & Active citizenship
  3. Public space
  4. Architecture
  5. Education
  6. Heritage
  7. Public Space

Hadeer Dahab

Athar Lina

Cairo, Egypt

AtharLina (The monument is ours) is a participatory conservation initiative that aims to establish modalities of citizen participation in heritage conservation based on an understanding of the monument as a resource, not a burden. It believes that only when cultural heritage is beneficial to the community, will the community become an active partner in its conservation. It sees the conservation decision-making process as an inclusive participatory process between stakeholders and believes that conservation can be a vehicle for development. AtharLina is run by the Built Environment Collective|Megawra, a twin organisation including an NGO and an architecture firm.

Malak Rahal

Architects for Change

Beirut, Lebanon

Architects for Change is a youth-led organization, founded in 2014 and based in Beirut. Our aim to contribute to a more inclusive & sustainable world by unleashing the potential of young architects and designers to address challenges in their communities. We work to inspire and empower young creatives to become catalysts of change through design and socio-cultural practices by providing a platform for extra-curricular education, community engagement, and collaboration. We believe that architects build communities not only buildings, therefore we focus on the role of architecture in social impact and sustainable development.

The connection

"Makanuna: Re-thinking Spaces from a Youth Perspective": a connection between Cairo (Egypt) & Beirut (Lebanon)

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