Images Tell stories -Vernacular photography

Photo book, Images Tell stories, is a result of co-operation of two organizations - The Finnish Museum of Photography (Helsinki, Finland) and NGO Art Travel (Odesa, Ukraine) within the international project Tandem Ukraine. It aims to draw attention to the family albums and vernacular photography. It presents photographs from the collection of The Finnish Museum of Photography, as well as photos from the family albums of the Ukrainian families under three main themes: Technical Achievements, Society and Family and Free Time and Wealth. The images were collected through an open competition and curatorial research. More updates here about the Book:
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Erja Salo

The Finnish Museum of Photography

Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish Museum of Photography is Finland's national specialized museum for photography. Through exhibitions, collection management, research, education and public programs the museum strives to promote and foster photographic art and culture in Finland. Founded on the initiative of Finnish photography organizations, the museum opened its doors in 1969.

Kateryna Radchenko -Konopliannykova

NGO Art Travel

Odesa, Ukraine

The connection

"Images Tell stories -Vernacular photography": a connection between Helsinki (Finland) & Odesa (Ukraine)