Open Gallery Ukraine – the Netherlands: 1000 km view

Open Gallery Ukraine-the Netherlands: 1000 km view is a collaborative Ukranian-Dutch project curated by Maria Lanko and Irina Leifer aiming at challenging public space practices and their perceptions in both countries. Based on research of the interaction and communication between citizens, artists, situations and spaces a series of artistic interventions are developed and realized in public spaces with contradictory past and present such as the Bijlmer district of Amsterdam and the 1000-km long river bed from the Sryi river source to the island Biryuchiy, which covers considerable part of Ukraine. You can find more information on their Facebook page.
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  1. Environment
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Kyiv
  4. Public Space
  5. Artist in Residence
  6. Film

Irina Leifer

Open Art Route Zuidoost

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Maria Lanko

Curatorial collective - Lizaveta German & Maria Lanko

Kyiv, Ukraine

The connection

"Open Gallery Ukraine - the Netherlands: 1000 km view": a connection between Amsterdam (The Netherlands) & Kyiv (Ukraine)

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