Three playwriters from Poland, Ukraine and Turkey, including Malgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk (Poland), Pavlo Arie (Ukraine), and Özen Yula (Turkey), were invited to the project with the decision of the partners were requested to produce new texts related to Istanbul as a result of their 15-day research visits to Istanbul. The three new plays are planned to be performed in different theatres internationally. In addition, each play will be open for public access as an e-book.
  1. Identity
  2. İstanbul
  3. Lublin
  4. Public Space
  5. Theatre
  6. Playwriting
  7. Performance

Grzegorz Reske

Centre for Culture in Lublin 

Lublin, Poland 

Ümit Özdemir


Istanbul, Turkey

The connection

"": a connection between Lublin (Poland ) & Istanbul (Turkey)