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Climate Change: What Can Culture Do?

On 1 April 2021, we have invited Julie Ward, Farah Makki and Sebastian Schlüter to explore the pivotal role of...
How To Keep Bouncing? Illustration by Studio vanbeek

How to keep bouncing?

On Thursday 18 March 2021, an online meetup took place for participants of the Tandem network. Arda van Tiggelen initiated...
from @komunitasizmir's Instagram (graphic designer: Emre Yıldız)

Meet Komünitas: Izmir Cooperation of Independent Performance and Culture Studies

7 Tandem Turkey alumni organisations and cultural operators in Izmir - Acik Studio, Fatih Gençkal, Hayy Open Space, Karantina Initiative,...
Photo by Emrah Gökdemir in Horsh Beirut in the realm of Tandem Turkey 2018-2019 project Performing (In)visible borders by NAHNOO and Antakya Performative Collective.

Performative Journey on the Via Eurasia Cultural Route

As MitOst we joined forces with several Tandem Turkey and Tandem Western Balkans alumni organisations and artists to collaborate on...
Aleksandar Obradović from Philopolitcs, based in Belgrade, and Lejla Odobašić Novo from International Burch University, based in Sarajevo. Photo by Marija Piroski

(Re)making History: Tracing Politics in Urban Space

Written by Tandem Western Balkans participants Aleksandar Obradović and Lejla Odabašić Novo, the newly published research (Re)making History provides a...

Online Event: Climate Change: What Can Culture Do?

Culture and cultural activities play a pivotal role in addressing the climate challenges ahead. Our interventions can positively and sustainably...
Foto kolaz umjetnice Elene Subach sacinjen od arhivskih materijala Zenice i ucesnica projekta

Urban Herstories: Exploring Relationships between Women and their Cities

The month of March encourages the study and the celebration of the vital role of women in history and contemporary...

ZVUČNE MIGRACIJE – Muzika iz topografije spaja Kotor i Sarajevo

In collaboration with Hostwriter, we have asked the Tandem Western Balkans participants to share their stories. In this story, Milica...
Kassem and Samer

KARAKOZ Theater Group

  • Samer Amin Maktabji Cultural Foundation
  • Kassem Istanbouli Tiro Association for Arts
Olfa and Marouane

What Works

  • Marouane Hassine Orchid
  • Olfa Arfaoui La Fabrique
Syrine and Stephano

Community-Sourced Film Festival

  • Syrine Rekhis Inno-PEACE (Innovators for Peace)
  • Stephano Mendelek Beirut DC
Idriss and Mouna

We Chabab

  • Idriss El Fateh Hadef Passagers Art & développement
  • Mouna Alouini ADL
Jad and Emad


  • Emad Mabrouk Nowhere Online Music Platform
  • Jad Hakawati Minwal