Po/za 7 Gor

The ‘Po/za 7 Gor’ Project delivers an impulse for small communities to begin developing places, using existing resources and potentials in contemporary culture, locality, traditions and subjective stories. The project focuses on two villages Dołhobyczów (Poland) and Nyzhnie Selishche (Ukraine). These villages are working together to create performances and video about their dream village, together they are mutually exploring their traditions, historical achievements and everyday life habits.
  1. Heritage & Memory
  2. Rural development
  3. Nyzhnye Selysche
  4. Warsaw

Magdalena (Lena) Rogowska

Culture Practitioners Association

Warsaw, Poland

Tetiana Bielousova


Nyzhnye Selysche, Ukraine

The connection

"Po/za 7 Gor": a connection between Warsaw (Poland) & Nyzhnye Selysche (Ukraine)