Siwa and Mavrix represent a very unique collaboration between both countries Tunisia and Sudan. We focus on communities who are neglected and marginalised to raise their awareness on their common challenges and obstacles and develop activities and workshops to provide applicable solutions suitable for both environments.
  1. Community development
  2. Migration
  3. Participation & Active citizenship
  4. Youth
  5. Khartoum
  6. Tunis
  7. Music
  8. Public Space
  9. Talent development

Maya Gadir


Khartoum, Sudan

Mavrix, an online platform, aims to deconstruct the narrative of the African continent by empowering the positive narrative found in the continent. We are 6 founders scattered around 2 continents representing 6 countries which are Sudan, South Sudan, Botswana, Morocco, Senegal and the UK. We work on connecting local creatives to local and international brands to motivate the emergence of a new image for the African continent.

Corinne Grassi

Siwa Platform Tunisie

Gafsa, Tunisia

For 10 years Siwa Plateforme, a laboratory of the Arab contemporary world through projects based on artistic experimentation, works in Redeyef with marginalized youth regaining self esteem and confidence. Siwa develops activities using art as a vector of social development and empowerment (Residencies with well-known Arab and European artists, Artistic awareness workshops led by local young people, Citizen actions to work on sustainable development, debates on issues such as migration, women right, youth inclusion, environment, etc.)

The connection

"Siwa2Mavrix": a connection between Khartoum (Sudan) & Gafsa (Tunisia)