From May 18 - 26, 2012 contemporary artists from Moldova and Latvia were invited to come together in Casa Parinteasca (Palanca, Moldova) to share their experience, to exchange ideas and to create new artworks finding a source of inspiration in the local traditions and practice, as well as in region's nature, history and people. The symposium's programme also includes workshops of traditional crafts, ethnography lectures and visits to the surrounding sites of culture and religion. Results of the symbiosis between contemporary and traditional are seen in the form of art exhibition by Moldovan artists Mark Verlan,Alexandru Raevski,Ghenadie Popescu, Gheorghe Lisita, Olga Ilies and artists from Latvia - Evelina Deicmane, lvars Drulle, Mikelis Fisers, Roman Ko­ rovin, Kaspars Lielgalvis.
  1. Global & Local
  2. Heritage & Memory
  3. Palanca, Calarasi district
  4. Riga
  5. Contemporary arts
  6. Knowledge exchange
  7. Workshop

Odrija Fisere


Riga, Latvia

Ghenadie Sontu

Casa Parinteasca

Palanca, Calarasi district, Moldova

The connection

"Symbiosis": a connection between Riga (Latvia) & Palanca, Calarasi district (Moldova)