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Technomania: Opening up New Technologies

Technomania is a transcultural cooperation project to reclaim technology as a public good. Technomania project visited various cities during the year and aimed discussing the questions "how can one use technology effectively in culture and art, and social life?" and "how easy is it to establish a relationship with technology?", by putting an emphasis on technophobia. The team held the workshops at Eskisehir, Mersin, Diyarbakir, Mardin, Istanbul, Batman, and Izmir in Turkey, and at Saarbrücken, Vienna, Budapest, Brussels, Berlin, and Amsterdam in Europe. The team received support from the participants of TANDEM's 2011-2012 period while making the organization and selecting the cities. Topics such as social media tools and their use, citizen journalism, Arduino, Blender, data mapping, and experimental musical instruments were discussed within the scope of the workshop, instructed by Mert Akbal (xm:lab), Papatya Tirasin (Grizine), Saliha Yavuz (Grizine), Ogulcan Ekiz (140 Journos), and Osman Koç. Project website:
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  1. Freedom of expression
  2. Technology
  3. The commons
  4. İstanbul
  5. Saarbrücken
  6. Digital
  7. Media
  8. Gaming
  9. Mapping
  10. Workshop
  11. Online (platform)

Ruth Timmermans

Gonzo (circus)

, Belgium

Gonzo (circus) is a paper magazine published six times a year, a hundred pages in total and in full color. Additionally, Gonzo (circus) is a website with blog posts, reviews, feature stories, series and more. Also, Gonzo (circus) is made by a bunch of voluntarily working, quirky professionals who love to curate evenings with music and other art forms.

Saliha Yavuz


Istanbul, Turkey

The connection

"Technomania: Opening up New Technologies": a connection between Saarbrücken (Germany) & Istanbul (Turkey)

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