Ukraine-Slovak artist-in-residence exchange

Kharkov and Kosice completed an artist-in-residence exchange. Both cities hosted an artist for a two month residency. The artist had intensive integration into the local environment. The cultural manager provided meetings and round tables in the cities. The artists were integrated in the local scene to start collaborations. By the end of the residency, they produced an artistic output, which reflects the stay of the artist in the city. This artistic work was presented in the host as well as in the home city of the artist and at the Final Tandem Presentation in Chisinau
  1. European Capital of Culture
  2. Kharkov
  3. Kosice
  4. Visual arts
  5. Knowledge exchange
  6. Exhibition

Ludwig Henne

Kosice 2013 - European Capital of Culture

Kosice, Slovakia

Maryna Konyeva

Kharkov City Art Gallery

Kharkov, Ukraine

The connection

"Ukraine-Slovak artist-in-residence exchange": a connection between Kosice (Slovakia) & Kharkov (Ukraine)