Urban Renewal

This project is a series of events - workshops, discussions, researches and reflections - about urban transformations and changes, such as local/Foreigner; Connected/Disconnected; Where do we stand?/Where do we go? Over a period of 10 months these are developed and presented to wider audience in the framework of the contemporary art festival Survival kit 3 (Latvia) in September 2012 and as an exhibition in Mersin, Turkey. We are interested in linking social and political themes with art and to discuss and work with them in those frameworks; based on the topic of urban changes.
  1. Urban development
  2. Mersin
  3. Riga
  4. Architecture
  5. Contemporary arts
  6. Public Space
  7. Exhibition


Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

Riga, Latvia


Mersin Sanat İnisiyatifi

Mersin, Turkey

The connection

"Urban Renewal": a connection between Riga (Latvia) & Mersin (Turkey)