Western Balkans Reality Check/ Connecting the dots In-between

Group of artists and activists on the move: rethinking art practice in relation to urban/rural contexts, using public space as a ground for emancipation of the less visible or invisible in order to establish new circuits of cultural exchange, discovering and mapping connections between the center and the periphery.
  1. Community development
  2. Diversity
  3. Environment
  4. Freedom of expression
  5. Global & Local
  6. Belgrade
  7. Novi Pazar
  8. Struga
  9. Community arts
  10. Media
  11. Performance
  12. Public Space

Kristina Todoroska Petreska

Association Initiative for independent cultural activism INKA Struga

Struga, North Macedonia

Azemina Halilagić

Off The Grid Studio

Novi Pazar, Serbia

Tijana Cvetković


Belgrade, Serbia

The connection

"Western Balkans Reality Check/ Connecting the dots In-between": a connection between Struga (North Macedonia) & Novi Pazar (Serbia) & Belgrade (Serbia)