What about the future?

Project What about the future? is focused on creating a space and time for professional development and personal leadership of two young members of ZID and POD theatre, by transferring knowledge from leaders of the companies and creating new social models and strategies for the future.
  1. New Business Models
  2. Organisational development
  3. Personal leadership
  4. Sustainability
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Serbia
  7. Community arts
  8. Talent development
  9. Theatre

Branka Bajić

Theater Project Objective Drama - POD Theater

Belgrade, Serbia

POD Theater is a Process based on researching and establishing a relation between the roles of being human and being an artist. It develops specific theatrical methodology for children, young people and adults of different ages and preferences. Work is based on the heritage of Anthropological Theatre with Grotowsky, Barba and Artaud as main references.


Malou Lintmeijer

ZID Theater

Amsterdam, Netherlands

ZID Theatre – Community Arts & Performance Centre is a cultural organisation based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. ZID makes theatre productions together with local residents and professionals and is active in the field of community arts, cultural participation and talent development.


The connection

"What about the future?": a connection between Belgrade (Serbia) & Amsterdam (Netherlands)

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