Nerina & Vasi

You Can’t Walk Straight on a Crooked Road

We will explore the potential of mashing up two storytelling mediums - radio and theatre. We will facilitate a skill and idea exchange, offer each other know-how through shadowing and observation of general activities, and demonstrate methods and practices in community workshops focusing on - Roma Communities: Tolerance and Intolerance
  1. Cross-sector collaboration
  2. Discrimination
  3. Diversity
  4. Rome
  5. Sofia
  6. Media
  7. Performance
  8. Theatre

Vasilena Radeva

Panic Button Theatre

Sofia, Bulgaria

Nerina Schiavo

Echis - Incroci di suoni

Rome, Italy

The connection

"You Can’t Walk Straight on a Crooked Road": a connection between Sofia (Bulgaria) & Rome (Italy)

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