Tandem Amwaj group in Tunis
Tandem Amwaj group in Tunis

Cultivating Creativity: Training Week Sparks Cultural Innovation in Project Selection Across Tunisia

Our Tandem Amwaj partner organisation Al-Badil shares an article about the recent developments of the programme in Tunisia.

The Tandem Amwaj programme stands as a beacon of hope and cultural rejuvenation in the dynamic landscape of the Middle East and North Africa region. This civil society-led initiative is designed to create safe and creative spaces for independent narrative discourses. By supporting cultural actors and engaging communities, the programme aims to promote civil society participation in local development practices, transcending political and economic challenges.

In Tunisia, Tandem Amwaj is implemented by Al-Badil. This article is a sneak peak into the activities and people that shape this Tandem programme and the cultural scene.

Training Week

One crucial phase of the Tandem Amwaj Tunisia programme was the training week held from December 18 to 22, 2023. This intensive training week focused on providing participants with the necessary skills and resources to effectively contribute to local cultural development. The curriculum included:

Planning and Cultural Project Management:

Led by Hela Djebby, a specialist in cultural management, this module equipped participants with the tools for effective project planning and financial management.

Storytelling and Effective Communication Strategies:

Wajdi Filali, an expert in communication techniques, guided participants in the art of storytelling, ensuring their projects could resonate with diverse audiences.

Budgeting and Financial Management of Cultural Projects:

Anis Bouabid, a chartered accountant, provided insights into financial management, enabling participants to navigate the financial aspects of cultural initiatives.

Tandem Amwaj group workshop
Tandem Amwaj group workshop

Selected teams

Following a call for project proposals, Al-Badil received over 40 applications. A selection committee evaluated each project based on predefined criteria. The chosen projects exemplify a diverse range of cultural initiatives, each poised to make a significant impact on its respective community.


Access to Roots

Amira Lamti & Nouhed Jemaiel aim to rehabilitate a neglected art center in Mezzouna, Sidi Bouzid, fostering creativity and artistic expression among the youth.

Djerba Moves:

Maher Msaddek & Hamza Mahdaoui plan to organize a performing arts festival in Djerba, showcasing dance, music, and theater, with a focus on ecological themes and youth participation.

TRækin “Cultural and Artistic Circuit”:

Olfa Bilel & Alaa Cherni aspire to create a cultural and artistic circuit in Le Kef, using augmented reality to showcase the region’s artistic intangible heritage.


Aymen Goubaa & Arij Jaouachi seek to explore and highlight traditional music in southern Tunisia through on-site collaborations with local musicians.


Imen Maghraoui & Khaled Marweni aim to bring together young artists and local schools in the Nefza region, promoting creativity through workshops in various artistic domains.

Prepare the RE/not:

Abdelhamid Falfoul & Oumaima Bahri explore the intersection of culinary art and performance, emphasizing culinary identity, gender roles, and sustainability.

A different view:

Ridha Rzig & Ahmed Dorbez blend hip-hop culture, circus art, and parkour at a festival in Bouarada, Seliana, aiming to reach diverse age groups and social layers.

Between Land and Sea:

Kawthar Missaoui & Mohamed Ali Khlifi focus on creating a promotional video highlighting the cultural heritage of Kerkennah Island, encouraging visitors to discover its unique aspects.


Yosr Nairi & Salma Nairi introduce an online co-creation platform connecting artisans and designers, aiming to make digital craftsmanship more visible and accessible.


Amine Dhouibi & Houssem Hmida aim to transform neglected urban spaces into interactive musical stages using augmented reality, fostering community engagement and artistic co-creation.

Tandem Amwaj group in Tunisia
Tandem Amwaj group in Tunisia

Grant Programme and Project Selection

The AL-Badil team chose to support five exceptional teams, acknowledging their innovative cultural projects in the MENA region.

"Prepare the RE/pas, "Pause-Art", "Treken", "TRækin" and "Djerba Moves"

selected teams

These selected projects not only showcase the depth of cultural initiatives but also underline the programme’s commitment to empowering communities, preserving cultural heritage, and fostering creative expression. With each project set to unfold between March and June 2024, the Tandem Amwaj programme, supported by its partner organisations, continues to be a driving force behind a cultural renaissance in the MENA region. It stands testament to the transformative power of culture in building resilient, vibrant, and empowered societies.