Mind The Gap- Placement in Sweden

Sanaz Amidi (Rosetta Arts Centre, London) shares insights and what she learned from this second placement from her Tandem Europe partnership with Rasha Shaaban (National Museum of World Culture, Göteborg).

Rasha and I have started an exciting collaboration this year, which started off with my visit to Gothenburg and Malmo in Sweden.

I delivered three talks and workshops about Rosetta Arts Centre’s creative wellness programme which we originally designed using mindfulness and visual arts for employee wellbeing. Following its success in its pilot phase with HSBC and Aspers, we were recommissioned in 2017 and 2018.

Two of the unintended consequences of this work were that it brought people from native and migrant communities together through non-hierarchal programmes in the workplace, and enriched people’s understanding of contemporary art from diverse artists. I used the opportunity to talk and work with leaders across civil society organisations and museums about how this can be a powerful tool to overcome segregation, particularly when Gothenburg was voted Europe’s most segregated city in a country with the highest number of refugees per capita.

Rasha has visited us in April to share her learnings in the use of digital storytelling to promote social activism. She has worked with our aspiring young creative entrepreneurs, the Young Makers, on the theme of Leadership and Ethics.

My trip to Sweden was a resounding success, and I will be visiting again in August (in hopefully better weather!), delivering talks and workshops to the Gothenburg Art Museum, and following up with some truly inspiring creative and cultural leaders. I will be blogging about the trip, keep an eye on the Rosetta Arts website and social media.