Sanaz and Rasha
Sanaz and Rasha

Find out how Mindfulness through Arts can help you

We have all heard of mindfulness, but we don't always associate the practice with the arts. This is what Sanaz Amidi is trying to change, through a programme she has developed: Mindful Arts. Join Sanaz for a seminar on Mindfulness in the Arts on 16 March in Malmö where she will be in the frame of her placement with her Tandem Europe partner Rasha Shaaban.

Mindful Arts
Mindful Arts

During the seminar, you will meet with Sanaz Amidi, a cultural innovator and social entrepreneur from London who has been leading Rosetta Arts (London) engaging with marginalised social groups through arts.

Sanaz will address the common challenge of feeling stressed – particularly at work – a common symptom in both British and Swedish societies. A stressful life can make us more closed and less inclusive. Sanaz will help us answering how we can enhance our well-being through a programme she developed called Mindful Arts.

Sanaz Amidi is the Chief Executive of Rosetta Arts Centre in London. She has been trained with degrees from leading art schools in the UK. She is taking part in Tandem Europe with Rasha Shaaban from the World Culture Museum in Gothenburg.

When: Friday 16 March 11:15 – 13:00
Where: STPLN , Malmö

Language: English

Free entrance. Vegetarian sandwiches will be served.

Contact: Rasha Shaaban.

Registration is required via this online form. Limited places available.

Organised by STPLN and the Anna Lindh Foundation Network in Sweden – Anna Lindh Stiftelsen i Sverige.