Photo by Olha Zarko
Photo by Olha Zarko

Sarah Herke

Meet Sarah, Programme Manager of Tandem.

Culture has been with me from the start. The playful, the provocative, the mind game, the reflective. The beautiful and the ugly – just the human.

At first, I thought I should become a journalist and tell stories. But soon I realised that I would rather create more space to art and culture. I studied humanities and worked in numerous cultural institutions during my studies and implemented my own cultural projects. I even tried myself at a high school for three months to find out that formal education is not my thing.
Finally, I landed at MitOst in 2007 and started supporting cultural managers in their day-to-day work. And instead of working with just one – or a few – of my own projects, here I have a great opportunity to take part in numerous projects and collaborations. I contribute to many exciting initiatives and test new approaches, get to know inspiring people and their stories.

And it will always remains human – sometimes sad and difficult, but working in a program like Tandem gives me the feeling that I am not alone with the idea of ​​a beautiful and just world in which culture is valued as one of the most powerful elements.

Photo by Henrieke Moll