Photo by Constanze Flamme
Photo by Constanze Flamme

Sophia Meyer-Landrut

Meet Sophia, Project Manager for Tandem Shaml and communications officer for all programmes.

When I first came across Tandem, I was not really sure what it was about. Yet, I quickly realised that it offered a chance to discover new approaches to questions and issues that have been essential to me long before that.

I have an academic background in culture, politics and migration, which was interesting and fascinating, and also brought almost as much travel as Tandem does. But something felt always missing: a real connection to people living, a space for creativity and playfulness, and an emotional state for encounter and action, instead of a constant search for rationality.

Many people, places and ideas I met through my work with Tandem have moved and inspired me. And I think that with Tandem these places, people and ideas can inspire each other as well as others.

Being part of the communications team and working closely within project implementation both give me a chance to better grasp the bigger picture and the overall mission of Tandem.

Even though Excel sheets and budget plans can sometimes get (a tiny bit) in the way, it is always a joy to share a big, warm group hug with people who just met. So, bring it on Excel! No amount of logistics can stop my Tandem energy.

Photo by Constanze Flamme