Tandem in Leeuwarden. Photo by Constanze Flamme.
Tandem in Leeuwarden. Photo by Constanze Flamme.

Workshops, Talks, Bike Tours: Tandem Stories come to Leeuwarden

Participants from the ongoing Tandem Community & Participation programme are about to approach the end of their Tandem adventures. Throughout their year-long collaborations, they have learned from each other, shared knowledge and they have worked on developing new ideas and methods together, to be used within their communities.

A Tandem meeting in Leeuwarden. Photo by Constanze Flamme
A Tandem meeting in Leeuwarden. Photo by Constanze Flamme

On 20 July, join the stories bike tour

On Thursday 20 July, four of these tandems will share their stories at various locations in Leeuwarden City, North of the Netherlands. The public will be invited to travel on bikes – and maybe a tandem –from one location to the next, attending discussions and workshops, guided by the Tandem participants.

If you are in the area, bring your bike and join us.

All events are free to attend and you don’t need to register, just come to the event location on time. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Tandem in Leeuwarden. Photo by Constanze Flamme
Tandem in Leeuwarden. Photo by Constanze Flamme



Successful collaboration between museums and care homes?
SMAAK (Amersfoort, NL) & Gallery Oldham (Oldham, UK)
Location: Greunshiem, Tjotterstraat 16

SMAAK & Gallery Oldham wanted to find out how a museum can be of benefit to the life of seniors, both active and independent ones as well as the more vulnerable seniors who live in care homes. They did their research by presenting the concept of the Dutch Pop-up Museum SMAAK in Gallery Oldham. Visitors and the professional network in England were asked to reflect on this presentation. Together, they have learned about what art organisations can do to be inclusive to older people, and they have found some differences between England and The Netherlands. If you want to know more about their findings, join.


Place to Place—what is the perfect question?
Chapel FM (Leeds, UK) & ZIMIHC (Utrecht, NL)
Location: Tryater, Oostersingel 70

The starting point of any transnational project is that people will go from one place to another. But how do we best learn from the other? What are the right questions to ask?  And are there more creative ways to try and understand each other rather than stumbling around trying to find a common language whilst struggling to reference our differing cultural references.

Chapel FM in Leeds and ZIMIHC in Utrecht have been trying to do just that as part of Tandem. Both are creative organisations who want to deepen their connection with their own local communities. Over the last year, they have used radio, visual art, music, photography, theatre (and talking!) to try and (mis)understand each other better and really investigate their own and each other’s relationship with their local communities.

This workshop will showcase some of the work that has been done between ZIMIHC and Chapel FM and will allow participants to work on their own organisation’s situation and relationship with their communities, by asking questions and more.

What is the perfect question…and how best to find the answer!


Community building through music!
SKVR (Rotterdam, NL) & Stiftung Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg (Hamburg, DE)
Location: Wijkvereniging Bilgaard, De Hooidollen 17

SKVR and Stiftung Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg explored the question: ‘how to connect people on community building through music’. The SKVR Brassband School from Hillesluis (Rotterdam) is a good example of Community Music, while the 48h Wilhelmsburg Festival in Hamburg offers a good example of a Community Network. The Community Music and Community Network were brought together to exchange ideas and experiences through this project.

In this event, they propose a discussion in which stories and expertise will be shared, opening up to your experience on community building through arts. You are therefore invited to bring your own expertise and to share your own story with the group. More into making music yourself? No problem, you can also join the brass band workshop.


Co-creation in the socio-cultural sector: A process-oriented approach to working with multicultural participants
Stichting De Vrolijkheid (NL) & Community Arts North West (Manchester, UK)
Location: Huiskamer LF2018 (VVV), Blokhuisplein 40

Throughout the process of their Tandem exchange, Stichting de Vrolijkheid & Community Arts North West recorded great examples for co-creation with participants from diverse backgrounds, including refugees. This whole process and the projects have been neatly produced into a short film to inspire and to trigger discussion.

All of these process-oriented projects highlight how a higher level of cohesion and access can be attained with the participants of the project. This also allows for participants to be in the leading role not only the receiving one, to be creative and collectively innovative, to take risks and dare to make mistakes within a familiar space.

Interested in learning how kickboxing and making music can be combined to work with youngsters? How collective songwriting works in the “Manchester International Roots Orchestra”? Or how else can one become one big family without focusing on what the end result is going to be? Then we welcome you to discover, discuss and network with other organisations.


Drinks & information about Tandem Fryslân
Location: Neushoorn Café, Ruiterskwartier 41

This session will introduce you to the newest Tandem programme:
Tandem Fryslân, which will be open for applications from 1 September 2017. The Partner Forum will take place from 20 to 24 November 2017 in Fryslân. The Deadline for submitting applications to participate in the Partner Forum is 30 September 2017.