Tandem C&P

Tandem Community & Participation (C&P) kick-starts a collaboration and co-creation process for Dutch organisations and their counterparts from Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom, resulting in a lasting network of knowledge exchange in cultural participation and community engagement.

A collection of stories & collaborations

Moving Bars rehearsal

Tandem Moves Bars

What is Tandem all about? How does Tandem work? These questions have been answered in this video by Daniela Grosset,...


  • Sandra Hall Friction Arts
  • Sjoerd Bootsma Podium Asteriks

Vrolijkheid CAN Co-Create

  • Tom Saal Stichting de Vrolijkheid
  • Sara Domville Community Arts North West (CAN)
CP ANtwerp 2014 (4)

Tandem C&P 2013-14

Tandem Community & Participation started as a pilot programme in 2013, supporting 10 cultural organisations to develop a tailor-made skill-set...
CP Ede 2015 (1)

Tandem C&P 2014-15

The second round of Tandem C&P enagaged 7 collaboration in the field of community arts, voluntary or amateur arts and...


  • Janine Weidtanz .lkj) Sachsen-Anhalt
  • Sally Lockey Flo-culture
  • Lisa Joosten Kunstbedrijf Arnhem
the gemeenschap

The Gemeenschap

  • Nick Connaughton Arcola Theatre Production Company
  • Mieke de Wit Mieke de Wit Culturele Projecten en Interimmanagement
Eva & Pim 2


  • Pim Rose Restart vzw
  • Eva van Netten Welcome To The Village
Liesbeth & Katja 2

Community Music / Community building through music

  • Katja Scheer Stiftung Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg
  • Liesbeth Eshuis SKVR


  • Alice Thwaite Northern Shape t/a Equal Arts
  • Marjolein Gysels Kunst in de zorg

Tandem Community & Participation is an initiative of the Dutch Cultural Participation Fund (FCP, Utrecht) and the European Cultural Foundation, implemented by MitOst e.V. It is supported by the British Council (Berlin) and the Dutch Centre of Expertise for Cultural Education and Amateur Arts (LKCA, Utrecht), British Council (UK).

All collaborations of the programme rounds of Tandem C&P

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photo by Constanze Flamme
Photo by Constanze Flamme